Empathy Map for Design Thinking


Creative Confidence, a book by David and Tom Kelley, explains how EVERYONE can tap into their creative potential. It identifies numerous strategies and principles for creativity and innovation that can help people solve problems in their lives. One strategy the brothers, David and Tom, talked about throughout the book is empathy. The human-centered approach of the design thinking process requires deep empathy (needs, motivations, and desires) and understanding of people. The design thinking approach is used to find solutions for specific users. The book mentions a tool called the Empathy Map that helps organize what users say, think, do, and feel so that the Needs and Insights of the users can be identified. After the Needs and Insights are identified, a solution can be developed, prototyped, and tested for the user. The following is an Empathy Map that I created using Google Drawing.

Empathy Maps for Education (1)