Fantasy Soccer League

I got an email today from the ES principal informing all teachers who would like to lead an after-school club to send him an email with details. So here was the process of choosing what type of club I wanted to lead:

  • A topic that would interest both my students and me: When I teach a concept or skill, I like to use examples that I know my students would understand and find interesting. These examples range from Pokemon to Korean-pop groups. However, the examples that get the most excitement are the Korean sports athletes (Kim Yuna for the girls and Park Ji Sung for the boys). Examples with soccer players would get the greatest reaction. This is the same reaction I have when I get involved in a conversation about soccer. I follow soccer religiously, checking ESPN five times a day. Soccer as the subject was a very easy decision.
  • Technology: Being that I am the computer teacher, I thought that it would be appropriate for me to implement some type of technology into the club. But what? My first idea was to create a blog that the students would use to discuss the latest soccer news, giving their opinions on game outcomes, transfers, and other soccer related issues. However, I thought this would be better for students who were in the upper grades because they have better writing fluency. I think it would be difficult for some elementary students to write posts with enough content for a blog. Then I thought up the idea of having a fantasy league club. Fantasy league would be great for students because it involves research, statistics, and strategy. Students will need to research the players that they think would do well for their fantasy team. Students will also need to compare and analyze player and team statistics to help them make smart decisions. Finally students will need to be strategic in their decision-making as well so that they will have the chance to win the league!

I think this club would be very unique. It provides a way for students to use skills that they are learning in their classes in a meaningful way, but also be involved in a subject they find interesting. Now I just have to wait and see if I get any interest.


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