David Lee EdTech Website

I have decided to create a new EdTech website that could be used as a resource for educational technology integration and also for my computer class. The one I have now is Flash so people with iPads can’t access my website. I will use HTML 5 instead. Here is the rough draft for the “About the Site” section of my website. I hope to have this website published and running by the start of the 2012-2013 school year.

  • “There were three goals in mind during the development of this website. The first goal was to provide students and parents an overview of what goes on in the technology classroom. Students and parents are provided with the overview of the technology curriculum, through pacing guides, unit maps, and lesson plans.  The site also provides them with the technology standards of the curriculum, classroom expectations, and links to educational websites for students. The second goal involved educating students, parents, and teachers about the role and responsibilities of an educational technology integrationist, while providing resources for technology integration in the classroom. The third goal that was considered was the idea of providing a hub for educators and students to connect them to the latest information and ideas on education. Through my blog and other social media platforms, visitors can have access to information on education and education initiatives from various sources. “

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