Alternative Biography Project: Google Presentation/Edmodo

This project was integrated into a 5th grade classroom, but I can see it being used from 2nd grade on up. 

The basis of this project is to have students imagine they are a famous person from the present or the past who needs to create an Edmodo profile. I thought incorporating Edmodo would be more engaging for my elementary school students because they utilize the social networking site daily for their schoolwork.  

It was obvious that I could not have all the students create a new Edmodo profile for the project because they only had one email account. So I decided to “create” an Edmodo profile page using Google Presentation.


I went to my actual Edmodo profile and screenshot different areas. I inserted them into my Google presentation. I inserted text boxes and typed “Type something about your person…” to make it similar to how Edmodo gives short directions in their textbox. 

What is great about Google presentation is that it allows students to share their work and collaborate with their classmates. This also allows peer editing. On the last slide, I created a page where classmates can leave their name and comments. 

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