Applying Apps for Creativity with EdTechInnovators: Day 3 ISTE 2012

Ben Smith and Jared Mader created the EdTechInnovators website to provide teachers a resource for integrating technology effectively into classrooms. This session did not mention many apps, but presented two models that can be used to implement apps into activities and curriculum. 

This Designing Creative Activities graphic organizer guides teachers in developing activities that integrate technology tools that promotes creativity of their learners. Teachers can first present directions for the activity through multiple canvases. Then teachers can provide one or numerous tools that students can use to create their products. The EdTechInnovators believe that the instruction of the creative process needs to be indefinite, allowing learners to be more innovate and imaginative. I think this concept would be great for middle and high school students, but I have found that elementary students need more structure when they utilize technology tools in my computer lab. 

The Integrating Technology Curriculum Map graphic organizer also guides teachers in integrating technology into their curriculum. Teachers would first identify the curriculum’s goals, then list the 21st century skills that would be involved. The third step involves teachers identifying the integrated technologies and the students’ background knowledge of the content and the technology tool. The last step is the identification of the taxonomy levels that are involved when using the technologies. 


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