Lego Education: Day 2 ISTE 2012

LEGO Education provided a hands-on experience center that allowed its visitors to use a WeDo Robotics Construction Set. This box set will cost schools $129.95 each which is cheaper than the popular MINDSTORM box set that costs $1,457.95.

LEGO Education boasts that their products can be an essential component to STEM education in any school. The utilization of these box sets require students to problem-solve, critical think, and collaborate to create different robots. These products are the center of student-led, hands-on learning activities that develop science, technology, programming, and mathematics knowledge of every student. LEGO Education robotics consists of the building sets, programming software, and curriculum. 

Our objective during the hands-on session was to create a goalie robot. The software program provided step-by-step instructions in creating the robot. When the robot was created, we plugged in our robot into our computer through a USB cord. Our next step was to program our goalie to move so that it can block shots. The ebook’s screen in the picture above shows how the robot-developer programmed the goalie’s behavior. The developer linked blocks into a specific order to describe the action of the goalie. If you click on the play button of the connected links, the behavior is performed by the LEGO robot. 

Here are some of the different types of robots you can create with the box set. I think this box set is more practical for schools because of the price compared to the MINDSTORM products. However, I have looked online and found cheaper alternatives to LEGO robotics. Here are some links:


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