Even More Google Geekiness with Chris Walsh: Day 4 ISTE 2012

This session featured Chris Fitzgerald Walsh presenting some new Google features that could be used in education. I have to admit that I went to at least four sessions that I thought were incredibly useless. These sessions presented technology tools and information that have been used by teachers for quite a while now (many people walked out in the middle of these sessions). So it was refreshing to attend a session where the vast majority of the audience learned a couple of new things. 

There was a lot of information he provided, but luckily he created and shared a Google document that contains all of it.

Here is a list of topics you touched on:

  • Document Management 
  • Downloading documents as ZIP files
  • Research Tool in Documents
  • Translate documents into different languages
  • Create nonlinear question/answer assessments with Forms 
  • Google Drive Video (private YouTube video collection)
  • Shorten your Google URL with http://goo.gl/ 
  • Google Docs Template Gallery
  • Google Sites customization, embed work, and template gallery
  • And more!

For Korea International School teachers, please feel free to come to me this year if you need help with any of these features. 


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