Business-Oriented Project: Day 4 ISTE 2012

Out of all the student projects, I thought Ottawa Hills High School’s School of Business, Leadership & Entrepreneurship had a project that was unique and had a significant value to the students who performed the task. According to the school’s website, the tenth through twelfth grade students who attend the school work on their leadership, communication, marketing, and business managing skills in an authentic learning environment.

The school appointed two teams to design and market a water product. Students also created advertisements, slogans, and commercials that tried to influence their potential audiences. During the whole project development students were taught entrepreneurial skills, problem-solving and decision-making. This project gave the students to opportunity to be creative, and see what goes on in a business setting. 

I hope to duplicate this project with my 5th graders next year. I hope to have guest speakers teach (via Google Hangouts) my students on the principles of business, and the essential skills a business person needs.

I think it would be great to have students create websites and flyers to advertise their products, and place QR codes that link to Google Forms. The Google Form would ask 


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