Literacy Circles Gone Digital!!!

Last week, a 4th grade teacher asked me what I can do with Google Apps and literacy circles.

For this portion of her reading program, I decided to use Google presentation because I have found it to produce greater motivation and student engagement compared to Google documents. Google document is an app that can be better utilized by middle and high school students. 

Google presentation is the perfect way for groups in literacy circles to document key information about their books simultaneously onto one shared document.  After the book has been read, the literacy circle conducts a collaborative discussion guided by their shared Google presentation. This document assists the group in critical thinking and reflection on what was read and discussed. Students can also add onto their understanding from what they learn from other readers in their circle. 

Slide 1: Title Page

Slide 2: Table of Contents: To make it easier for the teacher, each of the literacy groups will need to link their slide to the table of contents. The teacher would only need to click on the link to go to each specific literacy circle’s slide. To do this, students will need to click Insert, Link, Slide, then Specific Slide, and finally the slide that they would like to link it to. 

Slide 3: This slide is the title slide for each literacy circle. It provides the teacher with the names of each member in the group, the title of the book, author, and genre. 

The next few slides depends on what the teacher wants the students to discuss. In my example, I only have the students discuss the different elements of the story. 


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