Chrome Apps in the Classroom

I have decided to include Google Chrome apps and extensions into my Web Browsing unit. I think students should know that web browsers allow users to install extensions that benefit their browsing experience, as well as provide educational and productivity apps. Here is a list of apps I have already installed into my browser and will use in my class:

1. Little Alchemy: This entertaining website allows students to learn about how combing different elements creates new substances.

2. Chrome Web Lab: This website teaches students about 5 important things that people can use the web for:

  • How the web enables people to collaborate
  • How the web can give you the experience of being somewhere else
  • How the web connects to physical objects
  • How data travels across the web
  • How easy information is accessible

3. Google I/O: Input and Output: Students can use geometry to create a machine that will transport a ball to its rightful place. 

4. Builder with Chrome (LEGO): Students can see a glimpse of the world of architecture through this interactive LEGO building game. 

5. Lucidchart 

6. Pathuku: This game can workout your brain. 

7. PicMonkey: Web-based photo editor

8. Autodesk Homestyler: Home-building web-based program


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