Chrome Web Lab: Adding it to my web browsing unit

For my Web Browsing unit, I have decided to add Chrome Web Lab for two reasons. 

  1. It would allow students to learn how modern day browsers can install apps and extensions.
  2. Allow students to learn about the power of the web:
  • how the web enables people to collaborate
  • how the web can give you the experience of being somewhere else
  • how the web connects to physical objects
  • how data travels across the web
  • how easy information is accessible

Chrome Web Lab is a collection of five Chrome Experiments that show how innovative, creative, and magical the web can be. 

1. Experiment 1: Universal Orchestra

Students can play music collaboratively with people all around the world in live time!

2. Experiment 2: Sketchbot 

Students can learn how machines can be operated by people on the web. They would need to first take a snap shot of themselves, and a sketchbot in London would draw their portrait on sand!

3. Experiment 3: Teleporter

Students will learn how they can visit far away places through the web. View a live 360 degree video shot of places in different countries.

4. Experiment 4: Data Tracer

This experiment let’s you map out the route of an image search.

5. Experiment 5: Lab Tag Explorer

Shows how easily people can browse for information through the web.


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