Presidential Elections Simulation for HS

You are the new democratic/republican/third party’s presidential candidate for 2016!

Visitors of this presidential elections simulator can choose their political party and try to get elected as the President of the United States of America!

Candidates need to pick five issues they would like to establish for their campaign platform, agree or disagree with controversial statements, and choose your three key issues (education, national security, etc). There is a “Learn More” option that gives you detailed information about presidential elections. 

This simulation is pretty complex so I would only recommend high school teachers to implement this in their curriculum. I would also recommend teachers giving students detailed instructions on how to play the game, and requiring them to read the game’s “Tips and Help” section. Additionally, this game can be really tricky. For example, I hosted a fundraiser to gain campaign money, but I chose a fundraiser that was contradicting to bill I voted for in the past. So I was unable to raise any funds! 


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