4 essential Chrome extensions for students to install for safe browsing

To install these extensions, go to the Chrome Web Store, type in the name of the extension and then click on “Add to Chrome.”

1. AdBlock: Extension that blocks the ad banners you see on the top, bottom, and sides of web pages!

AdBlock for Chrome!  Block all advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook, Youtube, and Hulu.

2. Adblock Plus (Beta): Gets rid of YouTube ads!

3. Do Not Track Plus: Extension that stops the web, data brokers, ad networks and social networks from collecting data about you. 

1. Keep My Opt-Outs: Google has done an amazing job of personalizing ads based on your interests and preferences. However some people don’t want this type of data tracking , so here is the extension for it. Your Google ads are going to change with more repeat ads and ads that you won’t really be interested in. 


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