5 more essential Chrome extensions for students

I’m back with some more essential Chrome extensions for students! I found these extensions from techGeec’s video, however some of the extensions were not be applicable for school settings. So I have listed the extensions that are!

Stay Focused: Allows students to stay on task by blocking specific websites for a certain period of time (like a timer). 

WOT (Web of Trust): Tells you what sites are safe to go to!

Session Manager: Save and close your open tabs to open later (Students can save their school-related tabs as “School Session.” So when they go to school, they can simply click on their “School Session” and immediately their school-related tabs will open.)

Clickable Links: Non-linked listed URLs become links

Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroll: Often when you scroll down on a web page, it jumps from section to section. This extension allows your scrolling experience to be smooth. 


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