Using Geometry and Technology for Digital Architecture


If you are planning to assess student geometry knowledge and skills, look no further than a digital architecture.

Students will learn and apply the process of planning and designing a 3D architectural building model. They will apply geometry concepts to accomplish their goal. To make the learning experience more authentic, the students will take on the role of architects who will create models for their clients.  

Learning Plan

  1. Geometry Lessons
  2. Guided/Independent Practice
  3. Architecture Presentation/Lesson
  4. Architecture Research: 
  5. Paper Floor Plan/Geometry Sheet
  6. Digital Floor Plan
  7. Constructing Digital Structure

3. Architecture Presentation: Provide students with background information on architecture, examples of architecture, its design elements and principles, and a review of geometry concepts related to geometry.


4. Architecture Research: Have students navigate architecture websites and complete the graphic organizer that focuses on key information. 


5. Paper Floor Plan/Geometry Sheet: Students will draw the exterior view of their structure, its floor plan, and calculate the perimeter and area of the structure. 




6. Digital Floor Plan: Students will replicate their floor plan digitally, using the My Deco website.


7. Construct Digital Structure: Using Tinkercad, students will use their floor plan to create a 3D model of their structure. 



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