Sharing the Student Learning that Goes on in Your Classroom

Here are the 3 ways I share my photos and videos of my students learning in my classroom. 

1. Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy SIII)image

This is how I capture most of my students’ learning since I have my smartphone at all times. I share my photos onto my edtech Instagram account, which then can be shared to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. The Galaxy SIII takes pretty good pictures (8 mega pixel auto focus camera), but it is not the best method of taking quality pictures. 

2. DSLR Camera (Nikon D5100)image

If I am planning to capture video footage (ex. Minecraft in education) or need higher-quality photos, I turn to my Nikon camera (16.2 mega pixel, full 1080p HD movies). However, the problem with this camera is that I can not share any of my photos to my edtech social network platforms. To remedy this problem, I bought a Eye-Fi memory card (Wi-Fi) that automatically uploads my photos onto my iPad. From there I share the photos and upload my videos onto Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. 

3. Tablet Computer (iPad 2)image

I use my iPad as the last resort when documenting my students learning. Video recording is only 720p HD and it has a 0.92 mega pixel camera. However, I have access to a greater number of quality apps that enhance my photos. These apps also make it easy for me to share my photos and videos to my numerous social network accounts.  

An Example of a Photo I Shared


Here is a photo of Mr. Cabaluna’s class creating badges out of paper after earning them in Khan Academy. Creating physical badges added another motivating element to the learning activity. 

It is important to share successes with other teachers because it promotes the utilization of best practices. Sharing teaching successes is a great way for teachers to reflect on their own teaching and modify their instruction to make it more effective. Sharing ideas also builds relationships among teachers. Teachers can decide to collaborate on a project that is based on a success story.  

Places I share my photos and videos (Exclude Linkedin):



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