Infographics in Education

An infographic creator can be a great tool for students to visually represent and organize their findings during the concluding step of the research process. Students can quickly and with clarity present their data and knowledge on their topic. 

Here are two websites your students can use to create their own infographics.


According to Piktochart’s blog, there are three essential tips to create a great infographic. 

  1. The message that is being presented should be relatable and applicable to the viewing audience.
  2. Present the information in a clever and unique way.  
  3. The body of the infographic needs to have a structured format (title, introduction, and points).

Using easlly, I created my own infographics regarding edtech. You can see how the visual and content are used to present a message. The visual includes appealing colors and simplistic graphics. The content includes data visualizations, such as charts and graphs, and text information. 





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