Today I tried out a new web video editor, Mozilla’s PopcornMaker. This tool allows you to add content from the web to an online video. The content you can add consists of text, links, maps, and also live feeds.

For example, I used Buck Institute for Education’s (BIE) web video, “Project-Based Learning: Explained,” as the media source to create my remixed video. I added links to additional PBL information, a Wikipedia passage on PBL, Twitter feeds of #PBL and #PBLchat, as well as an image that explained the important components of PBL.  

This tool would be great for teachers who have blended or flipped classrooms. For example, if a science teacher assigns her students to watch a web video on oceans, but feels the video does not provide enough information, she can use PopcornMaker to add additional images, maps, Twitter feeds, and links on the topic. 



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