EdTech Ideas I Plan to Use in 2013 (New Year’s Resolution)

I promised myself that I would catch up on my edtech reading during winter break. Here are the magazines and journals I collected throughout the year to find some great ideas I can use for tech integration in my school or use in my own classroom. 


So here some ideas I hope to use in 2013:

1. TED-Ed Lessons


TED’s education beta site provides teachers with great video “lessons worth sharing.” The videos are divided by series, subject, best flips (user created lessons), and YouTube. Teachers can create lessons around these videos.

2. Wevideo

This video-editing tool is on the cloud! So there is no software that needs to be downloaded onto your computer. You can upload your video through any device, edit it, and share it to multiple platforms. This can all be done anywhere with Internet connection. 

3. Use QR Codes for Educational Scavenger Hunt


I want to have students create their own educational scavenger hunt. They will focus and research a specific academic content. They will create driving questions that their classmates will need to answer. Through the use of QR codes, students will navigate to essential content websites that will help them answer the questions. 

QR Code Generators:

  • BeeTag
  • BeQRious
  • Delivr
  • Maestro

4. Turnitin Voice Comments


Turnitin has introduced Voice Comments that allows teachers to quickly provide personalized feedback to their students. This would save a lot of time for teachers who type comments. 

5. LEGO Mindstorms 


LEGO Mindstorms is a building kit  that allows students to create robots. Students would program the robot to perform tasks through its software. I think LEGO Mindstorms would be a fun way for students to experience STEM learning. Students would develop their soft skills (sociological abilities), as well hard skills (performance abilities). 



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