Planning to create a PBL Instructional Unit? Try using this organizer

If you want to incorporate project-based learning into your unit, try using an organizer I have created using Google Documents: 

Project-Based Learning Instructional Unit Plan


The organizer includes a table of contents that will lead you to three different parts of the organizer: PBL Unit Preparation, Seven-Phase Model, and 7 Essentials Checklist. 

The information that the organizer contains is from the ASCD and Edutopia websites. Please click on the links to go to the source. 

PBL Unit Preparation


This portion of the organizer will help you focus on the components of PBL that will lead to a successful unit. 

Seven-Phase Model


This component describes the seven phases of a PBL instructional unit. 

7 Essentials Checklist


This list will help you to clearly see whether or not you included the 7 essentials of PBL.

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