Virtual Learning Environment Benefiting Struggling Students


The Lake Elsinore district in California has implemented a program called the Virtual Learning Center. This online program allows struggling students to retake classes that they failed in their traditional setting classrooms. The program allows students to take charge their learning, and learn at their own paceHere are some of the specifics of the program:

  • Students get to decide when, where (home, school, etc…), and how they learn 
  • Greater access to courses in alternative formats
  • Students work and learn at their own pace (review videos, activities, etc…)
  • Students see their teachers only on test days
  • VLC IT staff visits each high school one day a week: Initially, the IT staff member worked everyday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. However, he found out that he was rarely needed because the platform and equipment were easy to use. 

Visiting the Lake Elsinore VLC website, I found that they use Plato Learning Environment

Virtual Learning Environment Benefiting Struggling Students


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