Inspirational Web Design for Your Class Website (w/ 2nd Grade Web Design Unit)


The Next Web’s article, 29 new inspiring responsive designs on the web, showcases numerous website examples that offer an excellent optimal viewing experience (e.g. easy reading and navigation). I think teachers and students should focus on effective web design techniques for their classroom website, ePortfolio, or class wiki to give them a smart, elegant, and aesthetically-pleasing look.  

Here are some of the examples that can inspire your classroom website:

1. Starbucks


2. Spigot Design


3. Microsoft


Here is my own classroom website that could provide you some design inspiration. I use Wix, a web-based platform that allows you to create stunning websites. 


Web Design Unit
I have also developed a Web Design unit for my 2nd grade class. The purpose of the unit is to teach students the skills and techniques that are required in developing quality websites. Students will create an ePortfolio that will allow them to reflect and showcase their academic work. Click here or the image to view the unit plan.

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