Administrator Using Skitch For Immediate Feedback for Informal Teacher Observations

Provide Teachers Immediate Feedback for Informal Teacher Observations

Erin Zaich’s conference session, “Learn to Create Dynamic Audio/Visual Feedback on Essays, has inspired my principal, Danielle Rich, to provide her teachers with immediate feedback/comments during her informal teacher observations. 


I suggested that she use Skitch, an Evernote app, that allows you to annotate images with text, shapes, and sketches. 


Here are the steps an administrator would take in using Skitch for iPad to provide feedback:

  • Sign into your Evernote account or create one
  • New Skitch: You can take a photo, choose a photo from your camera roll, draw on a map, start with a blank page, or capture an image from the Web. In this case, it will be an image you took of your teacher (Choose a Photo). 
  • After you choose your photo, you can annotate it with the tool bar on the right.
  • Share via Email to the student you are giving feedback. The image can also be sent to all teachers if you find something that you would like to see in every class.
  • Tap Share

Here are her first couple Skitch messages: 




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