What if eLearning Becomes TOO PERSONALIZED?


Image from schoolofone.org 

In the article, “The Problem with the School of One,” Jason Paul Gee points out a glaring problem of too much personalized learning:

“What happens when people with different “sweet spots” have to learn, solve problems, and collaborate with others who have different “sweet spots,” as people often have to do in modern workplaces?” 

I think this is an interesting question. Providing personalized learning is a goal that every teacher strives for. Depending on the learning styles, abilities, and needs of their students, teachers provide students with different methods of acquiring knowledge and skills. However, with new educational start-up programs that focuses solely on personalized learning, students might find themselves frustrated in real-world learning situations that do not fit their learning styles, abilities, or needs. 

Too Much of a Good Thing

Classrooms should provide students with BOTH personalized learning situations and collaborative learning situations. New Classrooms provides us with a great example of a blended classroom model that contains multiple types of learning situations: 


What if eLearning Becomes TOO PERSONALIZED?


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