Google, can you please update Google Tasks? Please!

I have been using Google Tasks for the past month in an effort to fully be in the Google ecosystem. Here is what I have found using Google Tasks:

  • Extremely ugly: Google has recently revamped the look for their products. Google has redesigned its Sites, Search, Forms, & other apps, and improved many of their features. However, they seemed to have forgotten to change the look of its Tasks. The image above is proof of its unpleasant appearance.
  • No collaborative feature: Google apps are all about collaboration! You can share documents and work with others to complete projects in real-time. With Tasks, the most collaborative feature would be to email your tasks to someone.
  • The tab is too small: The Tasks tab is located at the bottom right of Gmail. I think it would be great if Tasks  fills the whole window.

Because of these problems I have decided to use Wunderlist. Wunderlist has revamped their app with new features. Here are some of its capabilities:

  • Free on all device (Windows, Android, iOS, Web, & Mac OSX)
  • Reminders and Subtasks
  • Collaborative features (invite people to help you with your list)
  • Email notifications
  • Data security
  • Sticky notes
  • Print lists

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