One Thing that Makes Google Site a Good CLASS Site

Creating a Google Site is a great way for students to demonstrate their knowledge of any academic concept. However, I don’t think it is a good tool to use as a class site. Yes, Google Sites allows users to effortlessly integrate Google documents, presentations & drawings into their site, but it isn’t too friendly to other types of files. Additionally, the web-based tool is not intuitive. Different settings are confusingly placed in different areas of the site, and the customization of the site is extremely difficult.

However, there is one thing that makes Google Sites a good tool to use to create a class site: The ability to give editing permissions to students for specific pages. 

A 3rd grade teacher at my school has given her students permission to edit their own page on her site. This allows the students to add their work onto their page so that the teacher can assess their work. Additionally, parents can visit the class site and see all their children’s work and progress.

Here are the steps you would need to take to enable this feature:

1. Click on “More” and then “Share and Permissions”

More Share Permission

2. Click on “Enable page-level permissions”


2. Turn on Page-Level Permissions

Enable 2

3. Click on “Use custom Permissions”

Custom Permissions

4. Add all your students and allow them to VIEW the site.

Add Students

5. Click on the specific page and allow your student to edit the page.

Add Students 2


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