Use 1SecondEveryDay to Capture Your School Year




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One Second Everyday is an iOS documenting app that allows you to film a second of video every day. All your seconds can then be combined to create a short movie (check out this example video made by the app developer). Its slogan is:

Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…

Cesar Kuriyama, the app developer, showcased his app on TEDTalks. He explained that capturing a second of every day changed the way he lived his life. He felt he needed to do something amazing everyday. As teachers, we should enter our classrooms with the same mentality: strive everyday to facilitate and enhance learning in an awe-inspiring approach.

Any teacher with an iOS device can use this app to record the events of her or his school year. 270 school days can be recorded into a movie that is less than 5 minutes long. To summarize a school year, teachers often show end-of-the-year slideshows to their students.  Instead of showing a boring slideshow, why not present a movie that captures memories of each school day.

I plan to start using this app very soon. But there is one thing that is stopping me. THERE ISN’T AN ANDROID APP YET! I do have an iPad 2, but the quality of the camera is horrible. Instead, I would like to use my Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android) smartphone to capture my school year. But this will have to wait.



2 thoughts on “Use 1SecondEveryDay to Capture Your School Year

  1. Some months ago I found an app similar to this one featured on Android… still in beta but useable…
    I believe it to be nammed “one second”, but now it’s quite impossible to find it back as when typing “one second” on google will return all the results for the iPhone app.

    Should you find it, please notify me !



    • Hey Greg,
      Thanks for the comment!
      Yes I do remember that there was an Android app called “One Second.” I didn’t download the app when it was on the Google Play store because I thought 1SecondEveryDay would be out by now. Did you get to download? I will keep an eye out for the Android app and notify you.
      Have a great day!


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