2nd Grade Digital Friendly Letters to Teachers

“I got such a lovely letter from ??? today – it really made my day….. I can’t tell you how happy it’s made me!”

This is the email I got from a teacher who received a friendly letter from one of my students. We have been learning how to created digital letters with Google docs based on the 2nd grade writing content standard:

2.2 “Write a friendly letter complete with the date, salutation, body, closing, and signature.”

A great feature Google documents has now is the ability to create an image using Google Drawing.

It was so easy for my students to share their friendly letters with their teacher.

Resources You Can Use for the Friendly Letter Unit

1. This is my Google Presentation I showed my students.

This slide was empty at first. I asked the students what was the purpose of sending a friendly letters, and typed their ideas onto the slide.

2. Letter Generator by ReadWriteThink

3. Type a Friendly Letter by ABCYa 

3. Explains components of a Letter by Arthur

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