Research About Animals with WWF Together App

What is WWF Together?

The World Wildlife Fund, a nature conservation organization, has created an iOS app that lets students learn interactively about different endangered animals (rhino, whale, giant panda, jaguar, marine turtle, elephant, polar bear, bison, tiger, shark, snow leopard, and gorilla).

Implementation Example:

3rd Grade Animal Unit (Life Sciences)

This app would be a great research tool for 3rd grade students to learn about the physical and behavioral adaptions animals make to better survive in their environments (CA Science Contant Standard 3.0).

Adaptations in physical structure or behavior may improve an organism’s chance for survival.

WWF Together

First you will need to download the app onto your iOS device.


 After you choose an animal, you will see 9 cards that contain different information. You can navigate the cards by swiping.


Title Page: Includes an Adjective that Describes the Animal


Introductory Fact


Photo Gallery


Threats to the Animal image

Where the Animal Lives image


Additional Fact: Students need to swipe away objects to find a fun fact.


Additional Fact: Students can elongate the bar to find an additional fact.

Alternatives: This card teaches students what WWF has been doing to help these animals.

Facetime: Contains a video interview of an expert



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