#IfIhadGlass in the Classroom…

Screenshots from the Google Glass site


Google Glass is an augmented reality eyewear that displays computer-generated data to enhance the user’s perception of reality. According to its official website, you can command the head-mounted display (HMD) device to:

  • take pictures
  • record video
  • share live streaming video
  • give directions
  • send messages
  • answer “Google” questions (ex. Where is the Louve located?)
  • translate languages

It also uses Google Now to present you with relevant information without you even asking. You can apply for this Google device by answering the following question,  “What would you do if you had Glass?” Use Twitter or Google+ to answer the question with the hashtag #ifihadglass.


#IfIhadGlass, I would use it in my classroom.


imageShare Priceless Learning Moments

Hands-free picture-taking and video recording will allow me to never miss my students’ priceless learning moments. I would easily share these moments with the teachers in my professional learning community. Creating a network of teachers that shares quality teaching practices is the best way to contribute to our students’ lives.

These images and videos can also be shared with parents. The hands-free capability of the device will allow me to communicate with parents frequently on the learning that goes on in the classroom. I can take photos of student work or capture footage of collaborating students creating a product for a project.

Additionally, I would record my lessons to reflect on my own teaching pedagogy. This feature would provide informative footage of my teaching strengths and the weakness that I would need improvement in. I can focus solely on my teaching, instead of taking notes and evaluating myself while I teach.


Absent Students Will Never Miss a Thing

With Google Glass’s live video sharing capability, my absent students will never will a thing. They can comfortably recover from their sickness at home while watching live streaming of what is going on in my classroom. This will end the frustration teachers get when students fall behind because of numerous absences.


Informed Students & Parents

I would quickly send messages that contain important information to parents. These messages could contain information on upcoming school events, classroom projects/tests, or even a quick “report” on the progress of a student.  Parents will come to parent/teacher conferences already informed of the day-to-day activities in my classroom. Instead of the teacher listing the things that goes on in the classroom, parents and teacher will come together to discuss the next steps in improving the students’ academic, social and emotional development.


The True Know-It-All Teacher

Elementary school teachers need to cover a wide range of academic subjects in one day. We don’t always have the answer. In these instances, I would be able to ask Google a simple question, retrieve the information, and have more time facilitating learning.


Language Won’t Be a Learning Barrier

Our school receives many students who speak English as their second language. The lack of vocabulary is a huge obstacle ESL students struggle with in all academic subjects. Quickly translating difficult words from English to my students’ native language will allow them to learn and understand important content.


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