Day 3-5 of Minecraft Club

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Objective: Develop Civic Competence

  1. Create a culture for their community
  2. Adapt to environment
  3. Experience interactions among other individuals and groups (communication/collaborative skills)
  4. Develop structures of governing power and authority
  5. Understand the interdependence of communities
  6. Develop ideals, principles, and practices of citizenship

Here is what happened during the last three days of Minecraft club:

Community 1:
  • The community improved their tools for more efficient and productive work. 
  • The blacksmith created full sets of armor for their soldiers.
  • They moved their farm to a larger and safer area to produce more food (2).
  • A member from the other community came their base to ask if he could join them. The majority of the community voted for him to be accepted into the community (3, 4).
Community 2:
  • Members mentioned that the commands given were not productive (3).
  • Advanced players were always separate from the rest of the group. This led the weaker members vulnerable to danger (3).
  • One member was removed from the community because of his lack of teamwork (3, 6).
  • The productivity of the community (mining, construction, farming, etc.) improved due to the removal of the member. There was a focus on community instead of individual gain (1, 6).
  • Teams of two were assigned to complete specific tasks. The two community members worked together and protected one another from danger (1, 3, 6).

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