Created Minecraft Skin for My School Club with Skin Studio

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During Minecraft club, I observe my students cultivating their communities and developing their civic skills in the game (Click here to see the learning objectives of the club.). Last week, I noticed something that testifies that I am a newb to Minecraft; I was the only player with the default skin (Steve). In Minecraft, a skin is the textural surface area of a player. All my students were running around with custom skins that made them distinct. So over the weekend, I used Minecraft Skin Studio to create my character’s skin.

The app provides you with a menu. Tap on ‘Create a Skin.’

photo 2 copy

You have three options when creating your skin. You can choose from template skins (provides you with a head, but no clothes), community skins (skins created by other users), or start on your own blank skin. I chose the Hunter skin created by Andiman117, and edited the head to make it look somewhat like me.

photo 3 copy

Community Skins

photo 4 copy

Template Skins

photo 5

Select what part of the skin you would like to edit.

photo 3

Editing Box

photo 4

After you have finished creating your skin, you will need to upload it to Tap on the ‘Upload’ button, ‘Upload to,’ and then ‘Confirm & Start Upload.’

photo 1 copy

The app will send you to your web browser. Tap on ‘Change’ to change your default skin to the one you just created.


Here is my skin for my  ‘MrEdTech’ Minecraft character!





5 thoughts on “Created Minecraft Skin for My School Club with Skin Studio

  1. Hi David, I came across your blog the other day and I’ve been inspired. My students, much like the sounds of yours, are a little obsessed with Minecraft and I have been using it in class for various tasks. They have been asking me to start a Minecraft club at school but I wasn’t quite sure exactly what I wanted them to get out of it. I know that I don’t want them to simply build and demolish structures aimlessly. I think the structure of your club is great and the way you have incorporated civics and citizenship is very clever. So I have 2 questions for you.
    1. Would you mind if I borrowed your concept and applied it with my group?
    2. Would you or one of your students be interested in a Skype session with my group to talk to them about your Minecraft Club?

    I work at a primary school called St Albans Meadows in Melbourne Australia ( and also as an Apple Distinguished Educator. I would love to set up some kind of program/mentorship with your students.

    Please let me know if this interests you at all. Thanks

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