Virtual Museum Template Using Google Slides Presentation

Virtual museums are great digital tools that students can use to show what they know and what they are able to do. They can demonstrate their knowledge and skills by creating exhibits about any academic subject or topic. It is also a way to enhance learning and provides visitors an augmented, interactive learning experience.

Last week, my colleague, Javier Hernandez, presented a PD on virtual museums using Apple’s Keynote. I thought this would be a great idea for our 5th graders who are currently studying the different cultures of the world. But instead of using Keynote, I thought it would be easier for the students and teachers to use Google Slides.

Using office suite applications on your computer can be troublesome during the submission process (multiple emails, multiple versions, etc).  Additionally students can easily create, share, edit and collaborate on their virtual museums in real-time because it is a Google Slides presentation. The Google Slides template also allows students to work on their museums on any device, anywhere, and at anytime they want. The following images are from the Virtual Museum template I created using Google Slides. If you would like to try out my Virtual Museum template, please click on this link:

Students first get to choose one of the three museum slides and then type in the name of their museum, for example, Virtual South Korea Cultural Museum.

Virtual Museum by David Lee EdTech (2)Virtual Museum by David Lee EdTech (9)Virtual Museum by David Lee EdTech (1)

After entering the museum, you arrive at the “Lobby” where you can access different rooms by clicking on the arrows. For the 5th grade project, rooms 1-3 would be designated for specific topic of a world culture (ex. beliefs, arts, and customs).

Virtual Museum by David Lee EdTech (10)

When you click on the a “Room” arrow, you will be taken to a room that holds multiple exhibits. Here students can insert images of their museum piece onto the designated boxes and rename the text appropriately. You will also find a “Lobby” arrow on each slide if you wish to choose to enter another room.

Virtual Museum by David Lee EdTech (4)Virtual Museum by David Lee EdTech (5)Virtual Museum by David Lee EdTech (6)

You can click on these designated boxes in the room and it will zoom in on the exhibit. The slide below is what will appear. You can provide an image/video and detailed information about the museum piece.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 7.44.37 PM

Make sure students fill out the “Reference” slide when referring resources in their work!

Virtual Museum by David Lee EdTech (12)

And finally, the “Curator’s Office” slide is where students can provide an image of themselves, as well as provide a short description about themselves.

Virtual Museum by David Lee EdTech (11).png

Again for those of you who would like to try out my Virtual Museum template, please click on this link:

Hope you enjoy the educational tool!


55 thoughts on “Virtual Museum Template Using Google Slides Presentation

      • Why did this link disappear? Are you only selling it now? Also, sorry, but I liked the sample one better. 😦 I just bought the one you have on TpT, but would rather have the original one. Any chance of you letting me have the sample one since I paid for the other one on TpT? I think it’s a great idea and has potential. I am confused though why the description above says google slides, but what I bought says pdf. Can you help me to understand that? Thanks!

      • Yes you can assign it onto Google Classroom. Also I am very sorry about the naked bodies. I deleted that picture and added a new background. Open your PDF and then re-click on the icon. The change should have been made.

        As for changing the inside of the the museum, I have added three more rooms with with multiple “artifacts”. You can have your students choose any of these six rooms. They can delete the ones they do not want to use. Additionally, if students have their own “room” image, they can delete mine and replace it with their image.

        Additionally it looks like you like the older version of my virtual museum. If you email me at I can send you the link. Thank you so much for the purchase. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks again!

  1. Awesome job…I would love to have a copy of this template to share in the class I’m currently teaching on how to use Google Presentations. Please send it to me if you’re willing to share! Thanks.

  2. I love creating virtual museums to enhance learning. I have used Powerpoint before but have not used Google Presentation. I love this template you have created. Would you be willing to share this with me? I would love to be able to use this since the school I am at has gone 1:1 with technology.

  3. The link to the google doc that you are posting is “view only.” Is there a link that you have so I could edit and use it on google docs? Thank you!

  4. Love this concept. How can I change the images without changing their link to the main lobby? And can I change the image in the main lobby?

    • Yes you can change the image. I wanted people to leave the links if they were planning to use the images I used. However if you want to change the images that is fine. Just click and delete the image and then insert another of your choice. Hope this helps!

    • Hello Jerod!
      Please go to this link:
      Then go to FILE and then MAKE A COPY. I only ask that you, your students, and/or your colleagues do not delete the “” links and the links to the websites where I got the background images from when making a copy of the presentation. Thanks and enjoy your new educational tool!

  5. I love this template!!!! It is going to work great for a project I have for school! I just bought this template on TpT and it will not let me copy the virtual museum onto my own google slides account. I was wondering if you have any advice or know why it is not opening. Again, thank you so much, you did a wonderful job!!

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