This video provides a tour of the EdTech Training Center.
This training server is a safe and instructional environment where teachers, student-support specialists, and administrators can practice playing Minecraft. Members who join the server can train in exploration, gathering of resources, crafting, and the construction of structures. Players also learn how access server commands as server operators so that they can manage and control their own servers.

Intro music by Carnage (“Mara”)

EdTech Website:
Twitter: @davidleeedtech


EdTech Training Center for Minecraft

10 thoughts on “EdTech Training Center for Minecraft

      • actually, after I (hastily) replied, I went back and watched the video again, and I realized that I didn’t see any facilities for potion brewing. Brewing can be complicated, but it would be relatively simple to set up an explanatory room with the proper gear and materials to streamline the process for everyone.
        Also, not sure how much you keep up with MC updates, but the 1.8 update is rapidly approaching, which will add a few new blocks and is radically changing the way enchanting currently operates.

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