Free Math Resources: Guest Blog by Dipanshu Dutta of LogicRoots

Free Math Resources

“Mommmm!!! Look at me!!!! Screeched my little tyke as he invented for the nth time a new way to jump down the chair!
And all this drama in the middle of his study time!!! Sounds familiar? Urgh these kindergarteners!! Ever wondered why
don’t they sit for a nanosecond to just study! Answer: the bait ain’t fancy enough!
Although the books have all the colors out of a rainbow, kindergarteners get bored easily! There are gazillions of ways out
there to teach Math lessons to kindergarteners, homeschooled or otherwise. But really, do we have the time to sit and
browse through them?!
After putting in lot of blood (umm not really), sweat, and grey matter, I have come up with these best 6 Math worksheets
for kindergarteners (you can thank me later). These worksheets are FREE, colorful, interesting, come with a story and
mainly printable. These are not just fun but make the mundane-st of Math lessons a cakewalk for you and your child!
Download this bundle and get practicing.”

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

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