STEAM Panel Discussion


I got a chance to participate in a panel discussion on STEAM at EduTech 2019 conference.

Get your hands on the “Design Thinking in the Classroom” book here to help foster creative thinking and problem-solving. This is a great toolkit to equip students and help you on your mission in student empowerment.

Learn more about my consultation support and services here:

“Empowering educators and schools to design and implement innovative learning systems and experiences for the development of future-ready citizens.”

Email me at if you, your school, or someone you know is interested in my support and services. 

Giveaway! 6 months electronic projects:

To enter go to this link:

What is Included?

  • 6 months of electronic projects – Mood Lamp, Memory Game, Distance Detector, LED Dice Game, Optical Theremin, and a 2-Player Reflex Game.
  • Access to 6 online courses – Each project comes with an online course that includes step by step instructions, video tutorials, exercises, and troubleshooting support.
  • Digital Multimeter – A Digital Multimeter is a test tool typically used to measure voltage (volts, current (amps) and/or resistance (ohms). This will help you troubleshoot your projects by testing you wiring and circuits.
  • Component Storage Case – Keep your projects organized with a Component Case! This case has a bunch of different compartments that you can use to store and organize all the components we’ll be giving you.

EduTech Asia Conference:

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