Design Thinking Is Not Pedagogy, It’s a Student Creative Toolkit

In this video I discuss why design thinking is not a teaching approach, but a learning/solution-based method. This video is a response to people saying that design thinking is the same as project-based learning. eduPermaculture: Design approach to education that centers around simulating experiences and directly utilizing the behaviors, strategies, practices, and systems found in successful, real world learning environments and integrating them into school learning experiences and ecosystems. Get your hands on the “Design Thinking in the Classroom” book here to help foster creative thinking and problem-solving. This is a great toolkit to equip students and help you on your mission in student empowerment. Learn more about my consultation support and services here: “Empowering educators and schools to design and implement innovative learning systems and experiences for the development of future-ready citizens.” Email me at if you, your school, or someone you know is interested in my support and services. Website: Instagram: Twitter: Blog Facebook: “From the Cliffslide” by Tape Machines

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