Rapid Iteration During Prototyping

In this video, I teach students about the motto, “Fail fast to learn faster.” Students learned about the benefits of using rapid iteration cycles during the egg drop challenge. Additionally, this video contains an animation of how I explain the concept of rapid iteration for my students. 

Special thanks to Chris Smith, Data Specialist at Singapore American School, for creating the animation for me. Make sure you check him out and give him a follow. www.twitter.com/smithrchris

Mars PBL Project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h40jObZcU1Y

Get your hands on the “Design Thinking in the Classroom” book here to help foster creative thinking and problem-solving. This is a great toolkit to equip students and help you on your mission in student empowerment. 

Music from EpidemicSound.com
“Come 2gether” by Ooyy
“I’ll have the usual” by Basixx
“Table Talk” by Lvly

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