How to Use Zoom – Quick Tutorial

Here is a quick, extensive tutorial on how to use Zoom, a video-conferencing platform.

Zoom Topics Time Stamps:

Download Zoom Client 0:25

Pre-Meeting Security Settings 0:71

Schedule Meeting from Zoom on Desktop 2:00

Schedule Plug-In & Extension 2:55

Starting Instant Meetings 4:09

Mute & Video 5:34

Virtual Background 6:00

Security 6:20

Participants 7:03

Chat 8:52

Share Screen & Whiteboard 9:25

Annotate 10:25

Record 11:08

Breakout Rooms 12:08

Reactions 13:25

Security Quick Review 13:49

Here are the resources:

SAS Zoom Web Portal: Zoom

Website: Your Zoom


Download Zoom:

Zoom for GSuite Add-On:

Zoom Scheduler Chrome Extension: Zoom Recordings:

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