Designing an “Apple” Device (PBL & STEM Project)

This video overview showcases a 4th grade engineering design unit. Students took on the role of Apple engineers and designers to design and build an “Apple” recording device. Students used the design thinking process to create a recording device for English language learners. ELL students would use this device to practice their speech and reading fluency.

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Design Thinking in Elementary:

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Introduction to Educational Permaculture

This video is an overview of Educational Permaculture; a holistic design approach of systems and design principles focused around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features found in natural learning ecosystems.

The Educational Permaculture team consists of:
– Jessica Loucks (@JLenore24): Technology Integration Specialist at Illing Middle School Manchester, Connecticut
– David Hotler (@dhotler): Technology Integration Teacher at Hampton City School in Hampton, Virginia
– David Lee (@davidleeedtech): STEM Coordinator at Korea International School in South Korea

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