Excited to be part of the first ADE Conference! Even more excited to present my first session on #eduPermaculture, a design approach for transformative education and the development of authentic learning ecosystems. eduPermaculture involves educators taking on the role/mindsets of designers. eduPermaculture also consists of design pillars and principles that are used to develop these sustainable learning ecosystems. sites.google.com/cis.edu.hk/adeconference

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The power of prototyping and building to think! When working with two 2nd grade classes on their prototypes for their museum exhibit, one student came up to me and stated “I think I’m getting smarter.” This was his reaction when he saw that he was able to creatively problem-solve when faced with multiple design obstacles. So many times Ss work on learning activities where there is only one way to do things. Here, he was able to think through things with his hands as well as try out multiple ways of making his prototype “work.” #designthinking #dtedu #dtk12chat

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