Project-Based Learning & Design Thinking – Kid Museum Curators & Exhibit Designers

In this video, I got to work with Rebecca Sheerin, Shelby Goerne, Chris Smith, Jodi Bonnette, and Lara Ingham on a 2nd grade PBL unit where students used the design thinking method to create their own museum artifacts and exhibits. Chris Smith – Lara Ingham – Get your hands on the “Design Thinking in the Classroom” book here to help foster creative thinking and problem-solving. This is a great toolkit to equip students and help you on your mission in student empowerment. National Museum of Singapore: Music from “Sun Melt Waves” by Oman “Jakarta” by Bonsaye “Honesty” by Hallman Website: Instagram: Twitter: Blog Facebook:

Here’s the slide I presented to teachers to show how #designthinking is the combination of using creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking to develop innovative solutions. Creativity for wild, moonshots ideas, and problem-solving and critical thinking to make sure that the ideas actually work (desirable, feasible, & viable). This slide also shows how DT is not only a process, but (majority) a set of human-centered, innovative-friendly mindsets. Finally it also shows how #design involves the SAS’s mission to integrate inquiry, competencies and performance tasks into learning. #sasedu #sastheloft #dtk12chat

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