EdTech Training Center for Minecraft

This video provides a tour of the EdTech Training Center.
This training server is a safe and instructional environment where teachers, student-support specialists, and administrators can practice playing Minecraft. Members who join the server can train in exploration, gathering of resources, crafting, and the construction of structures. Players also learn how access server commands as server operators so that they can manage and control their own servers.

Intro music by Carnage (“Mara”)

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Minecraft Community Project (3rd Grade Social Studies)

Special thanks to Jon Barry, Annette Welpman, Katherine Fleetwood, and Rebecca Mitchell!

Korea International School Standards/Benchmarks

Standard 1- Culture: Knowledge Benchmarks
A – “Culture” refers to the behaviours beliefs, values, traditions, institutions, and ways of living together of a group of people;
C – How cultural beliefs, behaviours, and values allow human groups to solve the problems of daily living;
D – How culture may change in response to changing needs and concerns;
2 – Explore and describe similarities and differences in the ways various cultural groups meet similar needs and concerns
Standard 3 – People, Places, and Environments: Knowledge Benchmarks
A – The theme of people, places, and environments involves the study of location, place, and the interactions of people with their surroundings;
D – Factors influencing various community, state, and regional patterns of human settlement, such as the availability of land and water, and places for people to live;
G – Benefits and problems resulting from the discovery and use of resources;
Standard 4 – Individual Development and Identity: Knowledge Benchmarks
D – Individuals bring specific abilities, interests, and talents in working with others to make decisions and solve problems;
Standard 5 – Individuals, Groups, and Institutions: Knowledge Benchmarks
B – Concepts such as: community, culture, role, competition, cooperation, rules, and norms;
F – How the rules and norms of groups to which they belong impact their lives;
Standard 6 – Power, Authority and Governance: Knowledge Benchmarks
E – The ways in which governments meet the needs and wants of citizens.
Standard 7 – Production, Distribution and Consumption: Knowledge Benchmarks
C – What people and communities gain and give up when they make a decision;
Standard 9 – Global Connections: Knowledge Benchmarks
D – All cultures have similar needs, but meet those needs in different ways that may influence or be influenced by global connections