IDEO’s Innovation and Design Process (Design Thinking)

IDEOan innovation and design firm, utilizes a design process that helps them develop products that we use everyday (computer mouse, high tech medical equipment, ski goggles, computer screens, etc.). In an ABC Nightline report, the company revealed some of its secrets and demonstrated their process by designing a shopping cart.  The following are some of the highlights of the report: 

  • The members of the design team were not product experts, but were experts in the process of design.
  • The project leader is chosen based on her or his ability to work with groups.
  • The design team members are from a wide-range of fields. This results in different perspectives and solutions to a project.
  • There should not be a hierarchy system in an innovative culture.
  • The design team speaks with product experts (people who use, make, and repair the product) because it is faster than learning about the product yourself.
  • Enlightened trial and error succeeds over the planning of the lone genius.” – Peter Skillman
  • Fail often in order to succeed sooner.” – One of IDEO’s mottos

  • Recipe for Innovation = Lot of hours + Open mind + Leader who demands fresh ideas be corky + Teamwork + Belief chaos can be constructive

Here are some of IDEO’s mantras that they post around their workspace:

  • One conversation at a time
  • Stay focused on the topic
  • Encourage wild ideas
  • Defer judgement
  • Build on the ideas of others

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